The MF-7900DRH24 is a Semi-dry Head, Cylinder-bed, Bottom Coverstitch Machine with Digital Type Top Feed. This model is equipped with a digitally controlled top feed belt that exclusively available from Juki. Settings for the top feed can be carried out digitally via the control panel or ‘jog’ dial. Parameters such as feed amount and thread tension can be stored directly in the machine internal memory. This new feed mechanism eliminates imperfections that can occur when using a traditional differential top and bottom feed mechanism.The many advantages of this new technology amount to a better sewing result and seam consistency.

JUKI has launched its new direct-drive, high-speed, lockstitch sewing system with automatic thread trimmer - the DDL-9000C. This is the newest flagship lockstitch machine from the world’s largest industrial sewing machine manufacturer. The machine has been digitalized to allow for easy adjustment of settings such as the feed mechanism, thread tension and the feed locus, all through the operation panel. Perfect parameters needed to achieve a high quality seams can be achieved digitally and key conditions do not need to be manually adjusted. Thanks to the digitalization, optimum adjustment values required to produce high-quality seams can be stored on a material-by-material basis in the machines internal memory and can be reproduced with ease. For factories which produce diversified products using different materials, this feature is quite helpful to achieve stable seam quality in a time efficient manner.

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Servis šivaćih mašina - Svet šivenja Beograd, predstavlja logičan sled u razvoju organizacije. Kvalitet servisa i višegodišnje iskustvo svrstali su Svet šivenja u sam vrh servisa šivaćih mašina.

Servis šivaćih mašina - Svet šivenja Beograd je otvoren za svaku vrstu saradnje. Pored servisa, u našoj ponudi možete pronaći i druge proizvode i usluge.

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